Whitemoor Thermal Wind Stone

Known regionally, this thermal Wind Stone protrudes from the surface of the sea underneath Whitemoor. It is not particularly high, nor does it have any outstanding features that would make it distinguishable from other rocks. As it stands, for most sailors, it is simply a rock they want to avoid.

Unknown to the great majority of people, the rock can be activated to produce a high velocity rising column of hot air. The formula to activate it has been passed through the Thieves Guild, but it is quite a long chant that makes the rock work for a day. It is also specific to the Whitemoor Thermal Wind Stone — other Thermal Wind Stones require different formulas.

The formulas to activate Thermal Wind Stones are written upon the stones themselves, but the language used, Kayokanego, is highly cryptic and has long been lost.

Another way to activate Thermal Wind Stones is to have the Ar’wek Cloak. It is an artifact made specifically to use Thermal Wind Stones. Ar’wek artefacts were made during a period where Kayokanego was in use. When the user steps on a Thermal Wind Stone, or when the user’s airspeed exceeds 50mph, the Cloak’s shape changes to that of wing. This allows the user to glide, but not fly, through the air.

Interestingly enough, the Ar’wek Cloak is currently on sale in Merrowhaven for a rather cheap price. No-one seems to know of its special property.

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