1214-03-09: War Of National Order

The War of National Order began with the death of the leading priest of Asmodeus in the nation. It is unclear how he died, but his death was blamed on the Order of Palatine Knights, and unrest quickly spread throughout the entire nation. The already shaky "peace" between the followers of Saint Jonas, Tyr and Asmodeus regained old contentions and exploded into a civil war.

Each faction has claimed that the others are either ineffective in their dispensing of justice due to their softness or are too harsh. Their absolutist ideals have become such that any who do not take a side are in danger of being killed by the zealous. The ultimate goal of the conflict seems to be to take the crown of the nation into the hands of a follower of one of the three. The current government takes no side in the conflict, and so is in danger of attack by any of them.

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