Twin Peaks' Temple

A large temple on the fringe of the territory the was believed to be overlooked by the Southern Peak of the Twin Peaks Fortress. It is made out of aged, rough-hewn stone that shows no signs of Dwarven architecture.

The temple, when viewed from afar, looks to be a part of the area around it and seems to have been carefully hewn from the surrounding land. The building contains no doors of any kind. Straight through from the main entrance is what looks to be a place for organized prayer. All the benches in that room have been carved from the floor around it. At the far end of the room on the raised dais is an elaborately carved altar that contrasts the otherwise natural look of the temple.

The carving on the altar resembles an eye, with the pupil carved into a concave, semicircular shape. Behind the altar is a seat carved to look like an open hand; around the base of the hand where it meets the floor it is carved to look as though the hand had broken up through the floor. The single basement is filled with rows of stone coffins all with no distinguishing features, save for one standing coffin, second to the right on the eastern wall which contains an old message written in Dwarven. The upper floor contains about seven small living quarters, all of which had all of their features (beds, chairs, tables, etc…) carved from the same stone as the temple.

The script on the coffin translates to:

Dreams of the East,
Wars of the West,
Songs of the North,
Lies of the South,
Those who wish,
The Lost to be found,
Find behind me,
The last to be crowned.

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