The Unstable Tunnel

Known regionally, the Unstable Tunnel is one of the many mysteries of the world. Despite its name, it is not a single tunnel, but a very complex network of tunnels.

Because of its particular structure and the complex nature of the tectonic activity in the region, there is but one path that leads from an entry to an exit at any given time. This path changes on average every two days, which means that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to predict where the entry and exit are. The upside is that the Unstable Tunnel’s entry points that don’t lead to the exit are often easy to recognize, and the tunnel itself is amongst the safest ways of travel in existence, provided the traveler knows or does not care where he is going.

The interior of the tunnel is unlit and scarcely inhabited by living beings. The only noticeable trace of life comes in the form of moss, which has the rather remarkable property of producing a light green glow when it is wet and can survive for extended periods of time without even the slightest amount of water. Unfortunately for most travelers in need of a light source, the moss has deep roots and the only way to get it out of the rock would be to mine it out.

The Keepers of the Heritage hold records that mention one of their members disappearing in the Tunnel alongside a recently discovered artifact, the Ar’wek Torch. Rumor has it that the disappearance happened as the member was traveling from Profoton to Greywich.

According to what the Keepers know of it, the Torch is an item that has two main uses. The first is its ability to burn even underwater. The second is to paralyze those who are either evil or pure of heart. This can be accomplished by hitting the ground with the non-burning end.

The Torch requires energy to function properly. Energy is accumulated when the Torch is exposed to sunlight and water. The paralysis effect drains most of the energy stored by the Torch, and when fully charged, it can glow for about two days before the energy runs out. The Torch does not consume itself while burning, and as with all other Ar’wek artifacts, it glows blue when in use.

As it stands, the Torch is one of the easier to recognize artifacts, being much larger than most torches at 2.5 feet tall, and producing a blue flame instead of a regular one when lit.

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