The Traditional

A large structure, the Traditional is the oldest tavern in Nightgale, having existed for over 250 years. It is well-known by the local population, but its fame hasn't spread outside of the city walls. The main reason for that is likely that it is much less extravagant than the other major taverns when it comes to its menu. It serves mostly common food like stew, bread and potatoes and no alcohol at most times* which is something travellers usually do not appreciate. However, the food it serves is prepared using recipes perfected throughout the tavern’s existence and as a result both has good taste and is highly nutritious. It is also made from ingredients gathered locally, which ensures a low price most of the time.

Originally, The Traditional was a refectory intended for the watch, but when the population dwindled, it opened its doors to the general public, effectively becoming a tavern. At that point, there was no demand for high quality food, so the tavern specialised in preparing local ingredients at low cost. It even proposed to prepare dishes from ingredients provided by their customers, in which case the price for eating there was close to nothing. This is what allowed the tavern to continue to exist despite all odds. It is only 99 years ago that the Tavern changed its name to “The Traditional,” at which point it has also begun organising a competition of sorts. Customers could sell their weapons to the tavern at a reduced price, and each year, one of these would be added to the Tavern’s mural collection along with the name of the owner. Weapons are not selected based on look, but rather on how well they fit with the time period and how efficient they actually are.

The Traditional is not run by any specific individual, and most of those working there do it out of passion rather than for the money. They come from different backgrounds and often have other jobs.

*During the War Festival the tavern serves some local high quality ales.

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