The Thieves Guild

The founder of the guild was the son of a very wealthy and evil lord, who fell in love with a poor woman. He used his inheritance money to set up poor houses dedicated to her family. When his father found out, he was disowned and his father had all his constructs burnt to the ground. To get back at his father and to garner the money necessary to rebuild, he became a thief and stole everything from his father, including the silken robes off his back. He left him out in the slave quarters of a rival lord, his hair cut off and his ear pierced, ensuring he would never rise to power again. The man went on to continue stealing from corrupt lords and gather allies.

The following is public knowledge:

  • The Thieves Guild is the only known organization of thieves.
  • Their leader is a man named Golden-Eye Griff who derives his name from the image of a floating golden eye.
  • The guild donates to and operates almost every poor house, orphanage, soup kitchen etc. in the nation.
  • If you touch this infrastructure, prepare for a "storm of pain."
  • The guild has a general distaste for adventurers, as they bring their problems and inflation whereever they go.
  • You want a job done? You have two options: speak with a guild property manager and pay the fine, or if the job you need pulled is of good intent, seek the “Well of Wishes.”

The following is known throughout the guild:

  • The entrance of the guild hall is in an abandoned mine.
  • Children are used as informants and scouts.
  • Halfling thieves often pose as beggar children.
  • The door to the main guildhall, hidden behind a permanent, high-level illusory wall, is masked by a basic perception filter.
  • After reaching a certain point level of prominence within the guild, you will receive a small lump of magic ore that allows oneself to inscribe a temporary portal leading to a back entrance of the main guildhall.

The following is rumored about within the guild:

  • There is an inner circle, said to be posing as priests probably dedicated to Bahamut.
  • Golden-Eye Griff is posing as a lower member of the guild.
  • There’s something big being planned, something to do with carpentry because everyone is being given basic lessons.
  • The inner circle have a collection of powerful magic items to help with their large heists.

Rules of Operation:

  • Don’t kill on the job.
  • Don’t harm other members of the guild.
  • Don’t steal from other members of the guild.
  • Question everything, but when told enough is enough, accept it.
  • The poor are to be treated as guildmates whether or not they actually ally with the guild.
  • If it’s Tuesday and you see someone wearing blue trousers, tear those suckers off their legs.

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