The Temple To Saint Jonas

A large building, the temple to Saint Jonas is one of the oldest structures in Nightgale and is located on its eastern side. While there are no records of when exactly it was built, it is believed that the temple is over 500 years old.

The design of the temple reflects the nature of its god, as parts of the temple are built entirely of white marble, a rare material in the region, and effort was made to have it well illuminated. The temple is very sober, with nearly no decorations, to reflect the importance of deeds and belief over material wealth. Inside, columns of white marble support the massive stone roof and the floor is made of large flat plates of grey stone.

Once every week, paladins meet in the temple and discuss a variety of religious matters as well as the state of order in Nightgale. However, most of the time only the high priest Lagar Mayev is present in the temple aside from the visitors. Visitors are required to follow a certain code of conduct when inside the temple. A version of this code in engraved on the walls next to the entrance.

The temple also has a small inn associated with it, where travelers can find refuge. Only those affiliated with Asmodeus are refused entry and are redirected to the other temple. This Inn is managed by Yogan Windborn, and the revenue helps maintain the temple in a proper state.

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