The Temple of Asmodeus (Nightgale)

The Temple of Asmodeus lies in the west side of Nightgale, and is a reasonably expansive structure, its black spire visible from much of that side of the town. It is much newer than the Temple of Saint Jonas, being only 200 years old. It was built after a very short conflict between followers of Asmodeus and those of Saint Jonas, who held up in their own temple. The conflict ended in a stalemate, allowing the followers of Asmodeus to build their own temple nearby and expand their influence in the area.

Since then, Asmodean hostilities have tapered off considerably, and while the two factions disagree with each other often, each temple has learned to tolerate the other for the time being, seeing any conflict as being too much of a stalemate.

Much of the exterior of the temple is made of cast iron and black stone, which gives the building a cold, resolute appearance, and a strong defense if attacked. Dark blue banners hang throughout the street in front of the temple, emblazoned with the symbol of Asmodeus, for all to clearly see.

The interior is composed mostly of large rooms with high ceilings, meant to illustrate the place of the followers in the infernal hierarchy, with walls carved with pictorial representations of great old holy wars, illuminated from behind during sermons by magical fires as if the walls were bleeding down blue light upon the congregation. The materials on the inside are, while still dark, more comprised of more practical and warmer-feeling woods and stone, contrary to the cold exterior, as, to them only those who embrace Asmodeus' teachings should have any semblance of comfort.

Asmodean Knights do not meet as frequently in this temple as paladins do in the temple of Saint Jonas, as there are fewer members living in the city. There are, however, biyearly meetings in the temple of knights from around the region, to discuss the order's goals and ambitions, usually a matter of great privacy in which only the knights and trusted priests are allowed inside. There are rumors that very sensitive information about future conflicts is distributed at these times.

The temple, much like the temple of Saint Jonas, has an associated inn. It is similarly welcoming of those of any religion besides those following Saint Jonas, but is a bit more strict and controlled. There are rumors that it has used means, magical or otherwise, to spy on people of other faiths staying in the inn. But besides some unfortunate rumors, it is an upstanding establishment that treats its customers fairly. The inn is managed by Lady Josefine, a minor noble who also manages the finances of the temple.

The temple of Asmodeus often funds the war festival, seeing it as part of their purview as followers of the god of war. In return for their investment, however, they require a decent amount of advertisement during the festivities, hoping to attract more followers. The temple does a large amount of advertising besides this, and a preacher at any of the nearby street corners, telling the word of Asmodeus to all, is not an uncommon sight.

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