The Power Field

Near the Twin Peaks Fortress, there is an area of land known regionally as the Power Field. It is a mysterious phenomenon that has long puzzled the scholars who researched it. While its effects are well-document in a book titled “Strange Magic Phenomena VII” by Iradli Wandersoul, its causes remain largely unknown.

The following is an extract from the aforementioned book:


About three miles to the south-east of the Twin Peaks Fortress, there is a circular piece of land one mile in diameter that has magic properties and is known as the Power Field. It can easily be recognized by the variation of the colour of the grass and has as a result been discovered long ago. However, in trying to understand it, I have found that there is very little complete and comprehensive information on the matter. The consequence of that is that unlike most other entries in this book, the following is the product of my own research rather than a compilation of other works.

Defining Vegetation:

The Power Field is easily distinguishable from its surrounding because of the particular kind of grass that can be found there. It is likely a local variety of the Arcane Grass (Vol. I, pages 26 to 34), that grows in places with high concentrations of magic, and is defined by a slight blue tint and glow.

Another feature of the Power Field is the lack of any large form of vegetation. There isn’t a single tree and the largest form of vegetation is a small bush about 3 feet tall, located at the centre of the field. While there isn’t any clear proof, due to its peculiar position it is believed that this bush has some magic properties of its own that have yet to be understood.

Effects Overview:

The Power Field takes its name from the effect it has on spells. Most spells, with a few exceptions, are amplified when used in the Power Field. In the most extreme cases, the spell’s effectiveness was doubled, but most of the time the amplification is somewhere around 25%. As of now, there is no known pattern for defining which spells are strongly affected by the Power Field, and the only way to know is through testing (annex A – Effects of the Power Field on specific spells).

Another effect of the Power Field has been observed on fast-moving metal objects. These have shown a tendency to deviate from their intended trajectories and follow circular paths instead. There have also been cases where they have been imbued with thunder magic. […]”

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