The Piping Canary

The Piping Canary began as a mere shack, a haven for the steady flow of off-duty miners, almost simultaneous with the founding of the Deepmoor mine. As the mine and town grew, so too did the Canary, branching off with additions and becoming an inn and meeting place for the Copper Pickaxes and travelers alike, as well as the local loggers and other residents of the town. The inn boasts several rooms and a hall for drinking, eating, and entertainment when available. The main room has a large central fireplace, bar, and mining paraphernalia hanging on the walls as decoration.

Also, unknown to the general populace, the local thieves guild members meet and operate out of a secret basement room that can be accessed from a dry well that is hidden in brush and bushes out behind the inn or a hidden door behind a large keg in the storage room. The thieves guild has been known to those who are in need to fence certain items and even harbor fugitives in their secret den for a price.

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