The Order Of The Valkyr

Founded in 1201, this regional Order is dedicated to keeping peace and capturing dangerous criminals. Due to a schism in the Order over how to best go about their duty, the Valkyrie have set themselves up into factions each representing the non-evil god they follow. A high council consisting of 18 members, 3 from each faction, was also formed.

The symbol of the order is a golden winged circlet on a grey background.

They are called Valkyries by the townspeople, derived from Knight Valkyrie, Knight of the Valkyrian Order, or Knight of the Order of Valkyr.


Valkyries wear full plate armor. A cotton skirt is attached to the tasset in the color of the god they follow that ends just past the knee, and is divided in the front and back about halfway up the length of the skirt.


Valkyrie of Marduk

The current leader of the Order is a Valkyrie of Marduk.

Possibly the largest of the factions, Marduk's Valkyries keep themselves more to internal politics since the schism. They tend to be the most likely to work with Valkyries of other factions, mainly as healers within the group.

Valkyrie of Bahamut

Bahamut's Valkyries tend to work mainly in towns, aiding the guard in keeping the peace, and capturing criminals. They get along well with the people and are generally well respected.

Valkyrie of Tyr

Tyr's Valkyries tend to travel the region in search of criminals. They are generally more arrogant than other Valkyries, and mostly work in groups. They also tend not to work with other Valkyrie, only begrudgingly do they accept aid from the Valkyrie of Marduk.

Valkyrie of Abramelin

Abramelin's Valkyries are the most traveled, most of them are found protecting Merchant Caravans or tending to roads making sure they are safe for travel. Outside of their home region many people think of them as a wayward mercenary band under they employ of cities to keep the roads safe.

Valkyrie of Saint Jonas

One of the Smaller factions, Saint Jonas's Valkyries, like Marduk's generally are found working with other the factions' Valkyries.

Valkyrie of Ishtar

The smallest of the factions, Ishtar's Valkyries are generally found, alone or in small groups, in taverns and inns as entertainers. Their presence is well received by the owners of the places they visit as they are generally good at keeping patrons from brawling.


Standard Ranks

  • Initiate
  • Knight or Scout
  • Captain or Scout Leader
  • Section Knight Master or Section Scout Master
  • Section Commander
  • Regional Commander
  • Councillor
  • Order Commander

Faction-Specific Ranks


Valkyries of Marduk replace the scout tree with the medic tree below. Knight tree ranks remain the same as standard.

  • (Initiate)
  • Medic (replacing Scout)
  • Surgeon (replacing Scout Leader)
  • Master Surgeon (replacting Section Scout Master
  • Emissary (replacing Section Commander)
  • High Emissary (replacing #Regional Commander#)
  • Councillor
  • Order Commander


Valkyries of Bahamut take the guardsman titles listed below when they are working with town guards; in any other event, they follow the standard ranks.

  • (Initiate)
  • Knight Guardsman (replacing Knight and Scout)
  • Knight Guardsman Lt. (replacing Captain and Scout Leader)
  • Knight Guard Captain (replacting Section Knight Master and Section Scout Master)
  • (Section Commander)


Valkyries of Tyr use the standard Ranking system as normal, but provide special rankings for Templars of Tyr who have joined the order. Templars of Tyr are ranked according to their position within the Templars; they have authority over the Knight/Scout equivalent ranks in all cases.


Valkyries of Albramelin have chosen to keep to the standard ranks and have no special ranks.

Saint Jonas

Valkyries of Saint Jonas do not use any special ranks, but similarly to Valkyries of Tyr, they provide Paladins in the Order with rank benefits dependent on their ranks.


Valkyries of Ishtar forgo formal ranks — they treat each other as equals and will only slightly accord to ranks if necessary. In those cases, the senior-most member in the group is considered the leader. Councillors are chosen from the senior members as well.

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