The Nightgale Central Tower

Built even before Nightgale had become a settlement, the Central Tower is its most ancient building. This large structure is known as the highest tower in the region.

From the top of its 21 stories it is possible to see the entirety of the plain surrounding the town. However the 14 upper floors have been tightly sealed by high-level magic and access to them has been impossible for many years. As a result the tower is mostly abandoned with the exception of a few guards posted on the wall surrounding it.

The reason as to why the upper floors are sealed is a mystery, but the most commonly held belief is that some terrible knowledge is hidden there that could be used to destroy the world. Another slightly less common supposition is that some ancient beast is being detained there. In both cases, it has been deemed dangerous to even try to unseal it, and access to the tower is highly restricted.

However, there exist two ways to bypass this access restriction. The first is to use something like the Ar’wek cloak to take advantage of the High Wind Nights and fly up to the top of tower. The second is to use a specially designed shaft in the middle of the tower. This shaft starts above a Thermal Wind Stone (similar to the one near Whitemoor) deep in the caves below the city. Surprisingly, the formula for this particular Thermal Wind Stone has not been lost, and has even been translated into modern writing. Unfortunately though, its primary use has been forgotten, and it is only known as the Slogan of Nightgale, the meaning of which no-one really remembers.

“Kono tawa no uwe, ikitai da nya. Yoru no kaze banzai!”

Both ways will only give access to the 21st floor though, which has the same kind of seals as the ones on floor 7, and unfortunately using the Thermal Wind Stone is a one-way trip.

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