The Nightgale Caves Network

The hill upon which Nightgale is built contains a vast network of underground caves. Whether these caves are of natural origin is not a certainty, but even if that were not the case, they have been abandoned a long time ago. The points of access to these caves are all located outside of the city.

Known locally, the cave network extends from the top of the hill to an unknown depth. The caves are very damp, and there are many puddles and a lot of moss. Monsters reside in the upper layers (not too close to the surface though), and there are rumors circulating that a Dwarven city is located much deeper. However, since only the bravest adventurers could get past the monsters and venture to such depths, the existence of the city is unproven.

There is a great variety of rumors circulating about the caves, not the least of which are the one that they are connected to the Unstable Tunnel and the one that some undead are wandering around the caves at the base of the hill. As of now, there is little proof that either of these is true.

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