The Lost Temple

The Lost Temple is a large, mysterious structure that is known for its elusiveness. It is located somewhere in the Forest Of No Return, but since the forest is rather dangerous, no-one knows its exact location. The temple itself does not seem to be affiliated with any particular deity and shelters those that manage to make their way to it.

Despite there being apparently no-one taking care of it, the temple is in very good condition. So good is its condition, that it would be difficult to find even traces of dust. In the middle of the temple stands an altar, and on the altar lie a bowl with sacred water and a parchment. The sacred water can cure some minor wounds immediately. The parchment reads the following:

“Finally, I’m safe. I thought I’d never live to write any more. This entire week was a disaster. Hopefully anyone reading this isn’t with the Keepers. If you don’t know of them, it is perfectly normal. Once they get what they want from you, they erase your memories… No word can describe how much I despise them. They say it is for the greater good, but they definitely do that to obtain great power… What am I talking about? The Ar’wek Artifacts! No-one knows about their existence besides the Keepers. I had one of them, The Ar'wek Spell Dictionary, that’s what it’s called if I remember correctly. I could not let them have it. There is just too much power in these items for all of them to belong to a single organization.

"I know there are other artifacts, but I can only describe the Dictionary. It can absorb spells and analyze them, or so I suppose, since I can’t read what’s written inside. Characters appear after it absorbs a spell, and it can even cast of copy of the spell if held in the right position.

"It is astounding that not a single person knew of this, and when I realized the Keepers would try to remove my memory of the Dictionary, I fled. What choice did I have? No-one! But just when I though I’d lost them, I found myself in this wolf-infested forest. The damn animals aren’t even afraid of fire. I nearly got myself killed. To top it all, I just realized I lost the Dictionary somewhere. By now some merchant is probably selling it as a white empty journal. That’s how I got it. I say that because I think that each time a new person gets his hands on it, the contents get erased. There’s no way no-one used it before me, yet when I got it, it was blank.

"Anyway, I wrote this because I wanted someone to know. I’m probably going to die in the next hours… Spread the word!”

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