The Keepers Of The Heritage

The Keepers of the Heritage is an organisation dedicated to the recovery of objects known as Ar’wek artefacts.

The Ar’wek artefacts are said to have been created by the Magus himself at a time when he was still mortal. They look like regular objects, with nothing special about them, and because they were created with lost magic unlike any other, they cannot be recognized as magical items. However, they do possess remarkable properties. These vary depending on the artefact itself, but the common trait is that when in use, they produce a light glow, blue in colour, around them.

The Keepers themselves are a secret organisation whose power extends regionally, and there are no records about them. As is to be expected, they worship Abramelin, and have dedicated their life to the search for what they call his “Last Heritage to the Mortals”. While their main objective is to collect the Ar’wek artefacts, they have also amassed many documents describing them. Because of the nature of the Artefacts, these documents would probably have gone unnoticed and would have been lost forever, had the Keepers not been searching for them. Most of these documents however, do not describe the artefacts’ properties in detail, and even the Keepers do not know much about them.

The name “Ar’wek” is mentioned once in one of Abramelin’s journals (the original version of which has long been lost). It is the Keepers who linked this name to what they now refer to as “Abramelin’s Last Heritage to the Mortals”, despite there being no concrete proof that he was the one who created them.

Some of the known Ar'wek artefacts include:

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