The Forest Of No Return

The Forest Of No Return is a rather large forest, known regionally for all the people that never returned from it. While it is an overstatement to say that anyone that enters never comes back, magical energies are indeed at work in the forest, in the form of Rune Wolves.

Rune Wolves are a peculiar species of wolves that are rumoured to have been used as weapons in a war long past. Their distinctive trait is the fact that they have runes engraved in their skin. These runes have allowed the wolves to use some degree of magic, but more importantly, they protect the wolves from fire and reduce the effectiveness of most spells. As the shape of the runes changes with each new generation, the origin of the runes is unknown.

The Rune Wolves are highly territorial but are otherwise fairly non-aggressive. In the last decade however, they have been known to attack individuals even outside their territory. Some even ventured into villages, where they caused much panic. The cause of the problem is the fact that one of the more aggressive wolves somehow acquired the Ar’wek Sword and managed to use it (with its mouth) to become the Alpha male.

As its name indicates, the Ar’wek sword is one of the Ar’wek artifacts. The sword can be used by any creature, provided the creature can figure out how to wield the sword. As with the Ar'wek Shield, the sword is immaterial at most times, but when the user feels anger or pain, it will appear in the preferred holding appendage. Unlike the shield, however, the sword will “fall” off the user whenever he grabs anything else the same way he would grab the sword. While the sword is very sharp and its length is defined by the user’s desire to eliminate his target, this other property makes it a very unpractical weapon. When the sword "falls," it remains invisible for some time. The way one acquires the sword is simply by touching it. This means that some of the people who transported the sword never knew they did, and the only way they could notice would be by swinging their hand at an enemy.

There are also rumors of a temple somewhere in the woods.

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