The Bronze Spirit Inn

The Bronze Spirit Inn is owned and operated by Brodin Feldspar. Found in the village of Feldspar Springs, it serves as the town hall, tavern, inn, and Brodin's home.

The Bronze Spirit Inn is a very clean and somewhat expansive tavern of 16 tables. The food and drink are average, as well as the accommodations. Above the bar are two crossed, over-sized dowsing rods with bronze tips. All meals are prepared by Dinodas Stoor. There are a lot of regulars here, mostly local merchants and business people — the rest are usually tourists there to relax in the springs. Town affairs are handled in a side room on the main level. Brodin’s private chambers are in the basement of the inn. Aside from Brodin and Dinodas, The Bronze Inn has a staff of five that wait the tables or cook when Dino is performing.

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