Southern Peak

The Southern Peak of Twin Peaks Fortress has seen better days. Much of the architecture is worn down to the point of being nearly indistinguishable from the mountainous surroundings, and many skeletal creatures and other undead monstrosities can be seen wandering about the grounds, though their controller seems to have taken residence in the better kept Northern Peak.

Scouts from the Valkyr Encampment have reported after bypassing many of the initial undead guards that they have seen what looks to be living shadows guarding specific areas around the Southern Peak. One of the areas guarded by these shadows is what appears to be the main entrance to the keep itself, though several of the areas guarded seem insignificant or otherwise odd. It is currently unknown what these shadows actually are or the extent of their abilities. Other scouts have found a temple dedicated to an unknown god on the fringe of the Peaks' territory.

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