Known nationally, this… creature, which is the only way to describe it, is known as Sarongr, the Ruthless Ancestral Elder. Many necromancers died trying to seal him away.

At a distance, it appears to be a normal human, if a fair bit taller than average. However, upon getting closer, it becomes obvious very quickly that this is no natural being, as its skin is pulled over scales — the skin naturally grew on top of the scales. Its faded purple eyes are sunken into its skull, but they still burn into whoever he looks at — an unsettling feeling. Its hands are mangled claws that should not be able to function but manage just fine.

Sarongr was pulled from another realm by necromancers, but he previously had no form and so was placed into one of the corpses of Verynia's graveyard. The experiment did not go as planned as the body immediately changed in a way that is impossible to achieve through necromancy. The spirit that came to inhabit the corpse was Sarongr, who decided that the corpse was unsatisfactory to his tastes.

When the necromancers realized that the spirit was different from the others, they tried to study him, only to realize he was not bound to their will as normal undead are — he struck out and killed several of them. Fearing his power, they sealed him in the nameless crypt and placed warning seals onto the entrance to warn off future necromancers. Sarongr waited in that crypt for years, altering his form through powerful magic, and is now supported through forbidden arcane powers.

Despite its inhuman appearance, it wears the sturdy clothing that farmers wore in ages past, but the condition of the clothing would suggest that they are brand new and never worn, though tailored to fit him perfectly. His voice does not match his appearance at all; it actually sounds rather musical owing to his previous, magical form.

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