The town of Profoton was formed by a group of farmers hoping to make a profit. Most of the land in Profoton started as farmland, which produced the town's only source of coin; but naturally, as business expanded, so did the town. Many inhabitants of Profoton started building houses and shops in the town, also hoping to make use of the fertile grasslands of Profoton. Outside of the town runs a river, which is why Profoton was founded where it is. While Profoton remains mostly farmers farming farms, the town has recently been in a dispute from another town not so far away from Profoton, which has raised awareness of the residents of Profoton.

While Profoton doesn't have a government, Renold Ray acts as leader of Profoton, mostly because he doesn't do much and that he's one of the two remaining founders of Profoton, along with Liam Tyn, who's gone missing recently on a business trip.

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