Orak Livingspire

Knight-Commander Orak Livingspire is a high-ranking paladin of the Order of Palatine Knights and the leader of the Order in the nation. He is an orc who was adopted by human parents, allowing him to have a less skewed view of the world than if he had grown up in the harsh societies of the orcs. As an orc in human society, he was often looked-down upon and, to try to fit in, he joined the paladins and hoped that this would give him greater acceptance. It has been a long time since then and Orak has since become the leader of the paladins in the area. He commands the local paladins in both religious and military affairs.

Because of his origins, he often exaggerates the more merciful aspects of the order's justice, as he understands the reasons why the more monstrous turn to evil. He sees himself in these people and often has difficulty dispensing any justice at all. This has caused him to have a polarizing leadership with many adoring him, and others hoping for him to step down, though these are often more motivated by racial hatred than belief in justice.

He has the appearance of a large, green orc with black hair. He wears shining steel armor and wields a longsword and shield in battle.

His tendencies for mercy have lessened the effectiveness of the Order in the War of National Order, but not their aggressiveness, as many paladins have acted against the other parties despite a lack of orders to do so. He hopes to end the war, but it seems impossible, and the evil acts of Asmodeus' followers spur even him to anger.

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