Mori Uroki

Mori Uroki, also known as Manasword, is a spirit whose power extends regionally. While the spirit’s gender isn’t clear, most consider it to be female. Her appearance is that of a very thin, half transparent humanoid surrounded by blue flames. Sightings describe her as having her left arm replaced by a huge flaming blade and holding either a huge bottle (presumably containing alcohol) or a huge scimitar with her right hand.

Mori has existed for over three centuries, wandering the world in search of something, the nature of which only she herself knows. Everywhere she goes, animals flee in terror, and gloom settles for weeks. She mostly avoids town, and the one documented instance of her passing in a settlement was marked by such a level of sadness that a tenth of the population committed suicide and around half left it forever.

Aside from being a bringer of sadness, Mori has the ability to turn into a sword, hence her second name. The sword appears like it’s made of crystalline matter and is sharp beyond belief. But whenever someone used it, they feel powerless and sad, making it an unlikable weapon. When in sword form, Mori can communicate with the one holding her through telepathy. This is the only way for her to communicate, and doing so brings her joy.

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