Malthael Kalynia

Known almost as well as his mistress, Malthael was supposed to be Celia's final test before leaving the Chain of Mendax. Her test was to create a servant of stone that would be able to follow complex orders on command. What she succeeded in creating was a fully sentient golem, but it was too clumsy to be useful. Perhaps it had to do with it being made out of black sapphires rather than stone, but whatever the case, Malthael Kalynia came to exist and followed his new mistress without a second thought. Wherever she goes, he goes.

Although he questions Celia's orders occasionally, he does do as told, but usually not before messing it up horribly. If told to carry a fragile object from point A to B, he will most likely end up five miles from point C with a horribly disfigured object. Pull lever? How much pressure is required to repair the now splintered lever?

Despite his ditzy behavior, this four foot tall black crystalline figure lets his rune encrusted surface shine by being incredibly friendly and cracking jokes constantly. By his standards, having a boring moment is heretical. If he sees someone is feeling down, he will do whatever he can to make them feel better (even if it means things are broken in the process).

Creator: Sagadeathwitch

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