Known regionally, Kiono Gabriev is a retired captain of the watch and the de-facto leader of Nightgale. He is known for his exceptionally high charisma, which was and to some degree still is the driving factor for the settlement's growth.

When he acquired the title of Captain of the watch 44 years ago, Kiono became the highest ranking individual in a near empty city, where half of the population was made up of soldiers and the other half were old people. After two years, he realized that he needed to do something to revitalize his beloved city. It took him two more years to get an audience with the king, but when he, with the help of his two closest friends, explained to the king that the city was in dire need of funding to start anew, his arguments were so convincing that the royal court eventually gave in. With this new funding, Kiono supervised the building of five huge windmills that would be the city’s power. He also created the War Festival, a showcase of the city’s military might that would drive engineers to create the most impressive weapons they could imagine. As expected, these two ideas allowed the city to start growing again.

Now, at 76, Kiono is an old man, but he still is as passionate about rebuilding the city as he was in his earlier days. He spends most of his days walking around Nightgale, observing it and thinking of how to make it better. As he walks by, most guards bow in respect, even though he often says that it does not matter to him. Occasionally, he will ask non-locals what they think of the city, and what they would like to see in it. If these people happen to be adventurers, mercenaries or traders, he will often devise a quest on the spot in accordance to what is perceived as lacking so that they can contribute to the city.

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