Ianster Stoneheart

Known regionally, Ianster Stoneheart owns a small business selling horses. Most of his horses are fit and bred to be the best, although only for dwarves like him; compared to a human, Ianster's horses are miniature.

Not much of this dwarf's past is known, only that he grew up on a ranch raising horses and probably other animals. Other people stick to the idea that Ianster was a criminal and decided to lay low and make a business of selling horses. Despite what his past may be, Ianster is quite content and adept at his job making big deals out of horses. The dwarf also makes a great friend, and even has a 20% off all horse sales for all of his friends, a quite hefty percent for a horse, and he can easily prove himself in combat.

Ianster, like most dwarves, has a long, groomed, rusty brown beard with part of his seemingly polished bald head showing through his hair — a quite fashionable look for horse breeding. Ianster dons a brown cloth sleeved shirt and always wears his gloves used to clean up his horses. Over his shirt he wears a vest, and in that vest's pocket he keeps a knife, cleverly hidden under his beard. If anyone notices it, he claims to use it to groom his horses' manes.

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