Known locally, Grik'orn is a goblin. He has lived most of his life like many others, blindly obeying orders. He served under quite a few bandit leaders and accumulated a decent amount of combat experience.

As he grew older, he found himself a beautiful wife who gave him two children. While being far from a perfect father, he cares a lot about his family (he always carries a hand-drawn picture of them on himself), and has been trying to get away from banditry to make their life better. Unfortunately, so far he has not succeded, and is still part of a raider party.

During one of his fights, he found a peculiar shield. He tries to hide it as much as he can from others, as it is likely that they would become envious of such possessions. Unbeknownst to him, it is one of the best documented Ar'wek artefacts.

This is how it is described in the Keepers' documents:

"The shield is indestructible by any known means. After wearing for the first time, the user will not be able take it off until his death. Most of the time, the shield does not manifest itself in any way, but it never leaves the user’s arm, and reappears in situations where damage would be dealt. This is known to have caused unpleasant situations for previous users, as it has a tendency off destroying anything located in the space where it materializes itself. At death of the wearer, the shield regains its physical properties, and crushes the wearer’s arm to which it was attached (the process is rather unsightly), at which point the cycle starts over.

"The shield itself isn’t particularly big (roughly 2 feet in diameter), and as such still requires skill to effectively protect the wearer."

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