Golden-Eye Griff

Golden-Eye Griff is a high-level rogue and male half-elf of average appearance, with a heavy beard and mustache. One of his eyes is fake, however; though it resembles a normal eye, it can see through walls, glowing a faint gold when channeled. However, his nick name only comes from his Calling Card as he never uses this ability when others can see him… anymore.

As the leader of the Thieves Guild, he is able to exert power nationally.

His mother died in childbirth, and his drunk father cast him out for killing his beloved, forcing him to grow up on the streets. Thankfully the orphanage he grew up in was kind, though he kept running into walls he could not see, and was often bruised and made fun of. Through his life he tried to develop this power and caught a thief sneaking money into the coffers of the Orphanage at a young age. Seeing the boy had talent he was recruited and trained early, one of (if not The) youngest members of the Thieves Guild’s history.

With his new family he always treated members with respect, and taught anyone willing to learn, while at the same time, learning tricks that others brought to the table. In town he found jobs to do and assembled the right teams based on talents, often trying to find tasks that would highlight different members so that everyone could share in the glory, often leaving his Calling Card, the Golden Eye, which not only served to strike fear into those who would oppose the guild, but also as a personal note of him turning his weakness into a strength. Ambitious and well respected the Inner Circle knew he should join their ranks, though he didn’t wish to be so mysterious to his friends that were his family. In secret, he became leader, which to him meant to continue what he was doing, only with more authority.

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