Known locally, Erik is a large half-dragon who runs Dragonstone Pub. He has bright red scales and a thin head. Many are intimidated by his look; however, he is one of the friendlier kinds of half-dragons.

Erik runs Dragonstone Pub, a bar and tavern visited by hundreds of people every week. This is his main source of income; however, he is known to sell some of his weapons from when he was an adventurer. He took over the pub after his father died and swore to keep the place running. While working in Dragonstone Pub, he keeps a large Draconian great sword under the counter of the bar in case anyone tries to get a jump on him. Erik currently lives in the building, which is why there are only seven rooms available instead of the eight rooms there are in Dragonstone.

Erik is good friends with Geoff Bloom, a worker at Dragonstone.

As of now, Erik is not aware of Ianster Stoneheart's random advertising in Dragonstone, which is why there's a sign displaying his horse breeding business outside of the pub.

Also, Erik has a bad knee.

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