Elof Baldrsen

Known nationally, Elof is a high-ranking priest of Asmodeus and the leader of Asmodeus' cults in the nation. He is not originally from this land, coming from a race of small mouse-like people that mostly live elsewhere. He came to this land and took over after the death of the previous leading priest in the War of National Order. He presides over both affairs of faith and of the Asmodeus-aligned military operations in the area.

He has the appearance of a halfling-sized mouse-person with large ears and a deep scar running across his entire scalp. His eyes are a near-brown red and he is often dressed in dark blue robes adorned with symbols of Asmodeus.

While Elof is a dispenser of obscenely harsh justice like most of his fellows and is a sadistic killer, he is also a man of subtlety and taste. He often drinks wine infused with the blood of his enemies, which he claims adds a unique texture.

Elof has a significant rivalry with Kaya Korath, who he sees as weak after her past disgraces, the rivalry between their races not helping matters. He has not actually made clear actions against her, but certainly hasn't aided her in regaining her notoriety with his attitude towards her. He has not contacted her for missions relating to the War of National Order for a long time, a clear indication of his disinterest in her.

Elof fights using divine magic granted to him by Asmodeus, specializing in torturing his enemies as much as possible. His sadistic side enjoys such methods, and besides this, he believes that they offer greater retribution even than death. He carries a silver dagger in case it is needed.

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