Known regionally, Ekiyn is one of few mages that would stop at nothing for their research of magic. In his prime years, he was known as one of the best human mages, but now at the age of 73, his ability is not what it used to be. He is currently living in Profoton, where he teaches magic for a living.

Most people say that he is a strange person, not because he is senile, but because he has a tendency of using combinations of words no-one understands. An example of that would be "Accomodative reseller," which is the term he uses to descrive the tavern. His most famous word combination is probably "Opaque emulsion-covered beverage," which is the term he uses to designate the local ale. Obviously, he isn't exactly a common sight in places where ale would be served.

Despite having lost most of his ability, he is still one of the most powerfull mages in the region, and since he doesn't really cause any trouble, he is generally a well-respected individual.

In his many years of earlier travels, he came across an item — a glove — that allowed him to grab things that would normally be beyond his reach. This was the Ar'wek glove, an item that could materialize and dematerialize the user's hand and any item it grabbed. The way it works is simple: when no item is grabbed, all the user has to do to dematerialize his hand is to open it as widely as he can. When an item is grabbed, both the hand and the item will be dematerialized if the user clenches his hand. Putting the hand in a relaxed position will rematerialize it where possible.

Uses of this include taking items through walls, opening some doors and hiding huge items in small pockets without looking too suspicious. Unfortunately, it's more of a problem in combat, as clenching your weapon with the glove is equivalent to unequipping it.

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