Drullious' Dwelling

Drullious' Dwelling is a small, rounded house carved into the face of the volcano in Shimmerbulb Glade, made with unskilled, but fanatical craftsmanship. It contains furniture carved out of the volcanic rock, a fireplace heating strange, but likely utterly useless brews created by the owner and has four gaping holes that serve as windows.

On the walls, floor and ceiling of the house, as well as much of the surrounding surface of the volcano, are intricate, seemingly arcane carvings, depicting bizarre curiosities and ancient legends of the land, as well as referring to magical concepts that their creator seems not to have fully grasped, or grasped at all, for that matter. One wall of the cave is lined with bookshelves containing tomes of arcane "knowledge" penned by Drullious himself.

A rotten plank of wood from the forest below serves as what Drullious might call a door. A stone tablet seems to be used by Drullious as a bed and another is used as a desk, this one covered in paper with utterly illegible scribbles on it.

Creator: ImperialSunlight

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