Drullious (DROO-LEE-US) is an animated hunk of lava created by the ancient wizard Drullious.

Drullious was once a great wizard, but he aged, as all do, and decided to find a way to extend his life beyond the natural course. He constructed his new body from magma extracted from the volcano in Shimmerbulb Glade, a convenient source, as he lived in the surrounding forest with his family. He immediately began to perform the ceremony that would transfer his mind into the shell he had created, right beside the crater of the volcano. He thought his spell to be foolproof. He had studied it for 30 years, and knew it perfectly, he thought. Unfortunately for him, an unexpected eruption interrupted the ceremony. He succeeded in transferring his consciousness to the robot, yes, but in the unstable emotional state caused by the transfer, he saw his family home destroyed by a cascade of lava, his wife and children inside. The realization of his loss caused him to lose his sanity. He also forgot that his new form would be unable to properly use magic.

He lives on the volcano in his dwelling, a small house carved into the rock and claims to any who pass by that he is a great and powerful wizard, defending the area from another eruption, though any sufficiently talented magus can tell that he has no power. He often tasks adventurers who meet him with seemingly pointless tasks that he claims will save the area from the volcano. He awards them well with magical artifacts from when he was truly a wizard, though in his state of mind, some of the artifacts he hands out are not truly magical, or even useful in any way for that matter. He has even been known to hand out stale food as a reward.

Drullious wears enchanted robes that resist the heat of his body. On his head, he wears a morbid headdress made from the charred bones of his former wife.

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