Dragonstone Pub

Dragonstone Pub is an old building constructed five centuries ago. The tavern is rustic in style, with nearly everything made out of wood. The pub includes a bar and seven rooms to stay at overnight.

Dragonstone is one of the most popular locales in its hometown, visited by hundreds of people a week. Along with the alcoholic beverages it serves, the pub offers a full menu including several beef dishes.

Legend has it that the place where Dragonstone Pub lies was formerly a nest for a great dragon — hence the name. The greatest dragon was allegedly slain, and later, the nest was used as a building site for a pub. No one knows if this tale is true or not; however, there a dragon's head rests over the mantelpiece of the tavern's large fireplace.

The bar is owned and run by Erik, who inherited it after his father died.

Geoff Bloom is another worker at Dragonstone Pub, a human bar attendant and cook.

One of the business partners of Dragonstone Pub is Ianster Stoneheart, a horse breeder who often places advertisements to his horse breeding company in the pub.

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