The pantheon of this campaign setting consists of nine deities, one representing each alignment. The Holy Knights that serve them go by various names, such as Paladin or Templar, depending on the deity in question.


Saint Jonas

The Right Hand of Palatinus

  • Lawful Good god of chivalry, valor, and honor.
  • Color: White
  • Favored weapon: Longsword

Saint Jonas founded the Order of the Palatine Knights, whose members would eventually become known simply as “Paladins.” After of a life of self-sacrifice that personally turned tens of thousands of mortals into devout followers of the god Palatinus, Saint Jonas received a divine boon on his deathbed: Palatinus sacrificed his godhood to allow Saint Jonas to live on forever and take his place in the pantheon.

When assuming mortal form, Saint Jonas appears as he did in the prime of his life, a holy knight brandishing sword and shield, but donned in full plate armor that shimmers with blinding intensity.


The All-Father

  • Neutral Good god of sun, healing, and wisdom.
  • Color: Gold
  • Favored weapon: Scimitar

When assuming mortal form, Marduk appears as a wizened, bearded male of some exotic, unidentifiable race. Four golden, feathered wings extend from his back, and a glowing aura surrounds him. He is dressed in cloth of gold robes and covered from head to toe in various pieces of golden jewelry. A scimitar rests in a heavily ornamented golden scabbard at his side.


The Protector

  • Chaotic Good goddess of strength, courage, and protection.
  • Color: Brown
  • Favored weapon: Warhammer

When assuming mortal form, Bahamut prefers to swim the oceans as a bronze-scaled sea serpent of titanic proportion. Sometimes, she will instead appear as a powerful, olive-skinned humanoid in bronze armor, wielding in one hand a mighty warhammer, and in the other, a massive round shield of solid bronze. A scarlet cape falls from her shoulders, and her head is protected by an open-faced, dragon-winged helmet with a long, red mane. Light bends around her at her might, surrounding her with a shell of visible distortion.



The Sword of Justice

  • Lawful Neutral God of truth, justice, and discipline.
  • Color: Green
  • Favored weapon: Greatsword

When assuming mortal form, Tyr appears as a tall, fair-skinned man with steely grey eyes - any mortal gazing into them is compelled to speak the truth. His long hair and beard are peppered with grey, but he has an ageless quality to his appearance. The air around him is charged with electricity, and metallic objects in his vicinity crackle and spark, including his own. He dresses in battle-worn armor, wears a winged helmet and a tattered green cloak, and wields his mighty greatsword in one hand. His other hand is missing; he cut it off himself when Baphomet tricked him into breaking one of his own laws as an example to all that justice is indiscriminate.


The Magus

  • True Neutral god of magic, travel, and nature.
  • Color: Grey
  • Favored weapon: Trident

Abramelin was the most powerful mage to ever walk the World, amassing power as he traveled far and wide, communing with nature and unraveling arcane mysteries left by the gods. When it became apparent to the gods that Abramelin was powerful enough to destroy the World and reshape it as he saw fit, yet chose not to, they ascended him into their ranks and let him create his own Astral Sphere as a reward for his restraint and as a reminder to themselves that the Cosmos seeks balance in all things.

When assuming mortal form, Abramelin appears as a humanoid with skin made of grayish white bark, long white hair and an equally long white beard, dressed in simple grey robes. His walking stick, fashioned from the branch of a birch tree and wreathed in vines, doubles as his wizardly staff and is topped with the head of a trident that hums with magical energy like a tuning fork. Wherever he walks, plants grow, and a stillness fills the air, calming all natural creatures.


The Loving

  • Chaotic Neutral goddess of music, humor, and fertility.
  • Color: Orange
  • Favored weapon: Rapier

When assuming mortal form, Ishtar appears as a female of transcendent beauty. Her laugh is intoxicating, her melodic voice enthralling, and her skin ever so faintly glows. When she dances, the long frills of her bright orange, gossamer dress float and swirl in the air delicately. Mortals in her vicinity experience euphoria and other associated heightening of positive emotions: the world appears more colorful and vibrant, food is tastier, music is more moving, stories are more exciting, and life just seems generally more pleasant. This effect intensifies with proximity and can be overwhelming - even the most hardened of soldiers are moved to tears at her smile. She sometimes carries with her her fencing rapier, and the only thing sharper than the point of her blade is her wit.



The Lord of Hel

  • Lawful Evil god of war, tyranny, and revenge.
  • Color: Dark blue
  • Favored weapon: Flail

When assuming mortal form, Asmodeus appears as a nine-foot-tall giant wreathed in blue flames and encased completely in black, spiked plate mail. His enclosed helmet is fashioned into a form of jagged crown, adding another couple feet to his height, and he wields a multi-headed flail adorned with the skulls of his fallen enemies. He rides a black dragon as his steed. Sometimes, he will instead appear as a handsome man with a goatee, red skin, bat wings, a tail, and short horns, dressed regally and wearing a sapphire-encrusted crown.


The Reaper Queen

  • Neutral Evil goddess of death, secrets, and deception.
  • Color: Black
  • Favored weapon: Scythe


The Wretched Beast

  • Chaotic Evil goddess of slaughter, darkness, and hatred.
  • Color: Crimson
  • Favored weapon: Greataxe

When assuming mortal form, Tiamat prefers to swim the oceans as a crimson-scaled sea serpent of titanic proportion, boiling the waters with the intense heat emanating from her body. Sometimes, she will instead appear as a 7-foot tall female humanoid dripping with blood from head to toe. From the knee down, her digitigrade legs are those of a reptile, and her fingers end in savage claws. Her teeth are jagged fangs, her hair consists of coiling snakes, and her eyes are orbs of pure black - mortals that gaze directly into them erupt in flames. Sharp bone juts out of her joints, twisting antelope horns grow from her head, and great bone wings dripping with torn flesh rise from her back. She wields a greataxe made of bone, and her burning hatred sears objects near her and makes the air around her appear wavy.

Holy Knights

Holy Knights in the service of one or more deities. Depending on the deity, the class goes by different names.


Holy Knights that serve Saint Jonas are called Paladins, a name derived from “Palatine Knight,” “Knight of the Palatine Order,” or “Knight of the Order of Palatinus.”


Holy Knights that serve one or more non-evil deities are called Templars, a name derived from “Templar Knight,” “Knight of the Templar Order,” or “Knight of the Order of the Temple.”

Death Knights

  • Holy Knights that serve an evil deity are collectively called Death Knights. No evil deity would allow one of its Holy Knights to worship any other deity.
  • Holy Knights that serve Asmodeus are called Asmodins, a name that is a bastardization of “Paladin” and is derived from “Knight of the Asmodic Order,” or “Knight of the Order of Asmodeus.”
  • Holy Knights that serve Baphomet are called Grim Reapers, a name derived from “Knight of the Order of the Reapers Grim.”
  • Holy Knights that serve Tiamat are called Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The connotations that the term “Knight” carries are ill-suited for these riders, thus their adoption of the term “Horsemen.”
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