Craigs Cuirass

Craig’s Cuirass is a small armor shop located in the southwest of Nightgale. The shop itself does not have any outstanding features. What really gives it its notoriety is the way the owner, Craig Heeven, does business. Unlike most other shopkeepers, he does not accept currency (unless the client is willing to pay twice the value of the item). Instead, he requests services and raw materials. He appears to be quite a busy person, and always has a large selection of errands the customer can complete. These can range from finding a lost pet to retrieving precious stones from a bandit’s den to mining minerals in an abandoned mine.

While Craig’s Cuirass specializes in armor, there is also a small selection of weapons, mostly swords and shields. Most of these are of average quality. In contrast, most of the armor pieces show excellent craftsmanship.

Creator: Neelien

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