The Cosmos is… everything. All that will be described below resides within the Cosmos, an orderly and harmonious system that birthed the Gods and the primordial elements, all in perfect balance.

Astral Spheres

The Gods infused pieces of the primordial elements with their life essence to create domains to call home. Every deity created his or her own Astral Sphere. The nine Astral Spheres are:

  • Celestius: Lawful Good.
  • Elysium: Neutral Good.
  • Utopia: Chaotic Good.
  • Asgaror: Lawful Neutral.
  • Nirvana: True Neutral.
  • Limbo: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Hel: Lawful Evil.
  • Acheron: Neutral Evil.
  • The Abyss: Chaotic Evil.


Due to disagreements and outright conflict among them, the gods then populated their spheres with creatures to rule over: Immortals, beings that embodied the essence of each respective deity.


While ruling over Immortals was pleasant for a time, the gods eventually grew disenchanted with the complacency of their creations. A rare truce led to the concept of creating Mortals, creatures free to choose which deity to worship.

The World

The Gods coalesced the remains of the four primordial elements into a tenth sphere known as The World, a place for Mortals to inhabit. The common Mortal name for The World is Atlamoor.

Within the World are The Four Cores. By travelling to the deepest depths of the ocean, you reach the The Outer Core of Water. Below that is the Outer Core of Earth, the Inner Core of Fire, and at the center of the World, the Inner Core of Air.

The Astral Plane

To distinguish the World as a neutral zone, the Gods separated the region outside the World into the Astral Plane, where their spheres reside. In order to travel to one of the Astral Spheres, a creature must first enter the Astral Plane.

The Ether

A metaphysical material known as The Ether fills the Cosmos. It is invisible and insubstantial, but it surrounds and passes through all objects and beings. Only souls can interact with the Ether, using it as a form of propulsion.

Upon death, a mortal’s soul enters the Ether, where it eventually finds its way to the Astral Plane. Once in the Astral Plane, the soul is claimed by the deity that best reflects its alignment and lives on the appropriate Astral Sphere for the rest of eternity.

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