A merchant whose influence spreads worldwide, Celia, the Gypsy Mystic, is a human whose skin has been tanned from long hours travelling under the sun with her caravans. Her eyes are the same faded purple that Sarongr bears, but unlike the elder, her eyes are likened to inviting arms rather than his infernal crucible. The general state of her clothes is nothing that would really stand out among the caravan, except for the cloak that her old mentor Sirius had given to her; its enchantment is entirely cosmetic, but it marks her status as a powerful spell weaver. The enchantment grants a vision of the stars, and the stars are are not stationary — as the cloak moves, so too, does the starry image.

Celia has no hatred for the undead; in fact, the undead seem to avoid her in a form of respect. She does, however, have a burning hatred for necromancers after seeing Sarongr brought into existence.

She has a positive opinion of The Order of the Valkyr, even supporting and funding some of their expeditions in return for some aid guarding her caravans (Valkyrie of Abramelin). The reclamation of the Twin Peaks Fortress was one of many projects she took interest in, viewing it as a potential asset for her allies. And despite being a reputable merchant, she also has contacts within the thieves guild. Usually when they need help maintaining one of the soup kitchens and orphanages, they contact her.

Managing her business and hunting down the necromancers has become nearly everything to her, but she is by no means greedy — she is generous and friendly to others. Despite magic being an integral part of who she is, Celia really doesn't pay any attention to it anymore and chooses to let it flow naturally through her as if she were just a conduit for it. She never really stops to think things through and instead chooses to let things run their course after acting. She is always traveling with her caravans or looking for Vic and his fellow necromancers by herself.


Born in Verynia, Celia witnessed the imprisonment of Sarongr when she was a child of 13, despite not being a necromancer. But she was no idle witness; the necromancers' magic had no effect on the tortured soul, and the child was drawn to the magic Sarongr controlled. Through her curiosity and primal instinct she made her first contact with magic and in the same moment, calmed the spirit's rage temporarily.

Although Vic and the rest of the necromancers forgot about the child, neither Sarongr nor Celia forgot that night. Shortly after Sarongr was sealed away, Celia was abandoned by her parents who were afraid of the sudden appearance of her new found powers. But just as Sarongr's powers grew in his prison, so too did Celia's powers, which drew the attention of a wizard from the Chain of Mendax, Sirius, who had been looking for a worthy apprentice to carry on his legacy.

Sirius did not directly approach Celia about her powers, for such an action would spread only fear, but instead stayed in the shadows observing and silently guiding as she initially explored the flow of magic. It did not take long until she traced those flows back towards Sirius where he extended his hand to her, offering an apprenticeship at his study in the Chain of Mendax; an offer she cheerfully accepted.

Celia spent the next five years under Sirius's tutelage where her powers grew exponentially. He taught her control over the arcane forces, and she doggedly pursued her studies. But it was there that she also learned about the necromancers and their experiment with Sarongr. Sirius did not know of Sarongr's existence, but was willing to answer any questions Celia had on the subject of necromancy and the spirit realm. It was shortly after that discussion that she announced her decision to leave the tower and seek the necromancers that had once occupied Verynia.

Although Sirius did not understand her motives for leaving, he gave her enough money to make it back to her home town and sent her off with his blessing and an enchanted cloak of his. His final words to her were that should she choose to, his door was always open for her to continue her training.

Her time in Verynia was short; the crypt was sealed in a fashion beyond her comprehension (but Jacques broke it without a second thought… hell there may not have been a thought at all! Who knows what goes on in that crazed old man's head) and her questions lead her only to dead ends. With no other leads, she decided to leave the search and bide her time until the necromancers poked their heads out again. While she was waiting, she met up with a strange, wandering man who was hunting for strange creatures to tame, named Vaecors.

The next three years of her life were relatively peaceful and prosperous; the two wanderers had started a business project that had rapidly grown to encompass the entire continent, as well as intercontinental shipping to some degree, with Vaecors and Celia being just two of the caravans that they maintained. During that time, Vaecors tracked down a large and very poisonous spider that, with Celia's aid, he managed to subdue and train. Shortly afterwards, Celia heard mention of necromancer activities on one of the isolated islands and left Vaecor to his travels while she investigated.

After another three years past, she gave up on the false lead that was on the island and sailed to Whitemoor in hopes of finding new leads. To her delight, not only had the necromancers shown themselves in the form of Vic, but Sarongr had been released by Jacques.

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