Aluena Mahri

Known locally, Aluena is 10 years old and a member of a race of feline people. She was orphaned five years ago and is being raised by a frugal old human merchant. She has long auburn hair tied into pigtails and her eyes are dichromatic - one being a creamy violet and the other being a light blue.

Her eyes are odd for her people, being permanently dilated, which makes going outside during the day inconvenient for her. She generally spends her time hunting mice and rats for other people in town and usually gets a few copper coins for her efforts. She loves finding new ways of catching the vermin, and has earned herself the nickname "Ratcatcher." She takes great pride in her work.

Aluena carries with her a small dagger and a crude short bow she crafted herself. While functional, the bow's imperfections are obvious. Aluena uses these weapons in her vermin-hunting adventures. She has taken to hidding her dagger on her person, as guards and townsfolk try to take the dangerous weapon away from the child, and she grows uncharacteristically violent if anyone tries to take her bow away.

Aluena hates money, saying that the jingling hurts her ears. She is often seen going to the town's temple with her caretaker and she is known to offer her prayers to Marduk and Abramelin.

Members of Aluena's race, such as Kaya Korath, who hear her last name are able to recall a legend of a family of the same name that was cursed by the gods to never be able to live in the sunlight. If true, its effects seem to have faded to a point where the light is only a minor inconvenience. However, if Aluena's eyes are adjusted to darkness, sudden light can cause her temporary blindness.

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