Alexandria Brightsword

Known nationally, Dame Alexandria is a high ranking Paladin and is a Councillor and founding member of the Order of the Valkyr. She is a member of the Valkyries of Saint Jonas.

A close friend of both Luna Sunseeker and Orak Livingspire, she works hard to maintain good relations between the Paladins and Valkyries and has dedicated herself to preventing needless bloodshed in the War of National Order. Due to her efforts, the Valkyries have abstained from participation in the war. Her joining the Order of the Valkyr was quite the shock to many, as she proclaimed her intent to join during Luna's official petition to the king to have the order recognized. Her oath to ensure that the order would maintain true to its cause and to prevent personal ambitions from tainting it is considered to be the main reason the Order was granted the king's acceptance. She heavily dislikes that the order had a strongly religious schism, due to the order being founded as an order under the king instead of as a religious order. She is well known for her combat prowess with swords, maces, spears, and bows. She carries a long sword, the pommel shaped as the symbol of the Palatine Order, and a shield into battle. Her armour has a brilliant shine to it, and her white skirt is hemmed with a thin green thread barely noticeable to many. She is a human with light blue eyes, and long black hair. She is a calm and determined individual, respected for her dedication for keeping her word.

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