Abdullah The Blind Bowyer

Abdullah is a colorful character that tells fantastic stories to those who will listen. He says he was once an archer of renown from a faraway land of djinns and sultans. He wears a blood red cloth over his eyes and tells that they were torn out for laying with a sultan's daughter, though he never takes it off. Otherwise he is dressed in harem pants and a vest. He claims he can still shoot despite his blindness, and although no one has seen him do so he is quick to grab the hand of any potential pick-pockets or those who think to steal from him. He sells fine bows and arrows that he makes out of a small patchwork tent where he spends all his time working/living.
Abdullah is of above average height, with tanned skin, a bushy mustache and dark features. He is muscular but looks a bit out of shape.

Based in the village of Merrowhaven, Abdullah's reputation has spread to neighboring settlements.

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